There are some people who believe that all insurance providers are the same, and that captive agents or telephone agents from individual insurance companies are the only source of obtaining insurance. This is a misconception.

Being an Independent Insurance Agency, Pretorius represents a number of well-known quality insurance companies. This provides you with the power of competition with one stop shopping.

"Insure with a Friend" -- At Pretorius  we enjoy meeting with potential clients like you face to face to discuss your insurance needs. We welcome the opportunity to show you what we have to offer. Then we research our affiliated insurance companies to find you the best combination of price, coverage and service.

In an unfortunate event where you would need to file a claim, Pretorius  can contact the insurance company and initiate the claim process.

As a community based business we care about our clients, because they are our foundation. It's been a family tradition to care for our clients since 1936



Your Preferred Choice for your Insurance needs.

Contact our offices in Dover at 330-343-7122 to find out the many benefits of having our company
manage your insurance.

A lot could be improved on call centers that are supposed to offer assistance to customers. After going through a series of questions and button pushing to find the assistance you're looking for, you're often greeted with ingenuous customer service representatives who offer canned responses to your questions.

Here at Pretorius we strive to know our customers and provide assistance with a personal touch. We want to help you with your questions and hopefully provide answers that will make this a comfortable experience for you